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Thomas Hughes

Thomas H. Hughes (Strong) Thomas H Hughes has contracted MS and is in the final stages of Multiple Sclerosis. Thomas lives in Navasota, Texas.  was born in Pasadena Texas, January 22, 1970. Thomas is an Experiencer and Alientologist Thomas is a Co-Host on Cosmos Radios on the TJ Morris Radio Network on Tuesdays 8-10 E….

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Robert R Macon and Mary Owens Macon New Business Venture

Robert R Macon of Pensacola, Florida and Mary Owens of Alabama and owner of the Olive Drop Martini Bar of Pensacola Beach are opening the Slips Olive Drop Martini Bar adjacent to the Slip’s Restaurant at 1500 Barancas Aveneue, Pensacola, Florida. Photo Credit: Jacqueline Macon Peters, Robert R. Macon, Mary Owens Macon Robert who is…

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TJ Morris Agency

Major News Corps DISNEY GE News Corp Time Warner VIA COM TJ Morris ACO Club in USA are Trusted Agents, Consultants, and Organizers. “We get the word out!” WHO WE ARE Life Coaches,Counselors,Agents,Consultants,and Organizers. We share the ACO Club with TJ Morris and ACIR brands. These Brands let you and others know you can be…

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TJ Morris Agency, Theresa J Morris

TJ Morris Agency TJ Morris Media TJ Morris Radio Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Minister TJ Morris ACIR does have various groups of interesting friends. Some share their own research. Some friends share in her psychic work. Some are in the Ascension Psychics Club while others are Researchers in the ERA COPS. Education…

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Alien Cosmos Expo in Canada Speakers in 2016

Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler by Bob Mitchell (Author), Jason Quitt (Author) As a multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason Quitt has experienced the past, the present and the future. From ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre and post apocalyptic future he has been a witness to our un-recorded history. Within the…

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Dr. Maureen Clemmons

About Dr. Clemmons and her work Dr. Maureen Clemmons theorized the ancient Egyptians, being sailors, utilized the wind not only for sailing, but also for construction. She has been working on this theory after taking note of a January 1997 Smithsonian article about a group of researchers trying to erect a 40-ton obelisk utilizing manpower…

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