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We can speak in many ways and this includes with languages we can understand. We can share our reality in linear time while speaking to those who share interest in cosmology, philosophy, theology, psychology, integrative medicine, metaphysics, history of our cultures on earth and in space, and basic spiritual science. Some may even agree that we share a common goal of expanding quantum physics as scientist. We will leave this planet. It is just a matter of time before we leave this level of existence.  Those who are alive as humanoids will not be able to communicate with those who we say have passed or experienced death. Can we know our loved ones once they die? What do we need to know about life after we die? Is there life after death?

I on some level of communication am doing my best to communicate with those outside of me after experiencing death as we know it. When we experience when the body is weakest and the heart stops.  Now learn we can be brain dead while the heart still beats. Which is clinical death? Does life exist after the body and mind cease to work inside our physical body?

This is now upon us to discover. I am told to usher in the Ascension Age. This is an era in time we call linear for the history books for humankind. I am not sure how to make this a reality in human form on earth. It deals not only with humanity but those above we call angels, and God. There is also a God Mother and many call earth mother or Gaia.

I have memories or at least pictures inside my own mind which feel in my nervous system as my own knowing as a reality which did become a part of my history as a spiritual being. I am not sure if this means I am other than human but for lack of better words I call myself an ET or extraterrestrial. It works for now to define that which exist inside of me that knows it is not of human form but is fluid. It comes and goes like thought waves and feels connected to not only who I am but what I am. I am more than a human being. I am on a quest to learn to communicate that which has not been well expressed in the past to the general way of knowing a shared reality in a general way of thinking for the entire populace.

I am searching for words to describe the multi layers of who and what I am. The basic and easiest way my mind can share with others outside of me is to admit that we are more than our senses. We are more than what we experience with our own sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling. There are more than our six senses. We are attached to the whole some call a morphic field and synchronicity. There is more that controls the backdrop or flow of the particles and waves. I know that we are all here to explore what it is that gives us life. What is life? We know how to describe what we believe is life in a physical form but what is the true energy that is put into a container we call a body once a body is made? Is that the essence of all that is us together as a whole? If so then where does it come from and why cannot we discover how everything is made and know for sure? There must be others who are out there who know we have yet to discover what our original creator is or was in the beginning.

Many call this out of body experience or OBE. Regardless, I returned after having a placenta previa experience while giving birth to my fourth daughter.

I was reminded over time that being outside of my body was also a larger part of who I am as psyche or soul. I felt my spirit had been a connection to my soul or the conscious thread to a reality that allows some of us to pierce the veil which we call life of the living here on earth.

We have agreed somewhere in time to share a general critical mass mind. In other words what we consider a normal and general way of thinking about what our reality is for humans. Are we supposed to know we believe in reincarnation or just a part of us believe in life and returning over again? How about time must we repeat being human before we graduate to be a God and Goddess? Is that the plan for us all? To be more than we are now? What if what we share in many world religions is truth? Do we agree to rule our own planets once we understand how matter and spirit works together to command all the elements?


Will we not remember our history as a soul when we come back to earth or return to the land of the living? Do only some who have perfected something in a past life?  There is much that I feel I know and that I do not know. I am learning how to be me and what serves me as a soul of the entire cosmos. I am a part of the latest way of being human and that which has once again returned to a world we all agree to share as those who are alive in this world. Being of service to the world through communication may be a way to share being human. We all after all want to be loved and understood. If life was only as simple as being loved and understood as a human being, then maybe we could figure out how to control the backdrop of the universal whole as the chaos in the cosmos. I for one would like to help in finding our all the truth about what we call real and not real for both must be important to share a reality. The yes and no as in the yin and yang. The one thing we can see is that there are things set in motion in a back drop we call nature. I want to share in the Ascension Age and will do my best to do so. Maybe only writing weekly in cyberspace on the internet but at least it is energy shared at my attempt of communication with others. If you want to read this and respond as a participant, then I will continue.

So much for an explanation for why I am learning to write down my thoughts which are coming and going like waves on the ocean. Thoughts which ride on top of an energy that makes us alive. We are not sure what makes us who we are as in is a prime creator but being one who has faith which keeps me alive and being able to believe in life after death, I must admit that the word for what I call expressing my own ways of explaining the electrical currents and how my synapses of my brain works is at present called thoughts.

My thoughts are my own and I believe we should all use our lives to think about thoughts which can benefit not only surviving this life but also assisting the whole of what is. I always thought that “WHAT IS” was that which we seek to know that we do not understand as our own knowing inside each of us.

Now please note that everyone has their own path to forge and I believe there is a reason to be human.

With that said, I put myself out to the universe. I may humiliate my own conscious self and my God, but I know that there are many who are human life me where I live on this planet called mother earth who are willing to do the same. We are a hubris bunch of humanoid sentient intelligent beings with egos which keep us alive. Without our egos we cannot exist so telling someone they have a huge ego is like telling them they are a large reason for existing. I would like to study the ego ad id and have done so in psychology. Self-help books have guided me through life. Wayne Dyer came into my life after Zig Zigler. Deepak Chopra followed as did many great spiritual teachers.

These words may not have meaning to anyone but me, but I am going to put them out to the universe with hopes that someone out there besides me can relate.




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TJ Morris Media Syndication


History Travelers Series 1

High Strangeness


TJ Morris


Chapter One

Commander Morris sitting on the white sandy beach on a beautiful blue-sky day with white full clouds sporadically watching her daughter walk down the beach along the ocean’s edge collecting shells in the water.

Picking up her cell phone to record the event as Gigi walked into the center of what appeared a portal as she disappeared. Stopping her recording she looked down the beach to see if she could catch a glimpse of her with her eyes and Gigi was apparently too far down the beach. Then looking again at the sky there was a larger than usual cloud looking as if it was growing from the inside and pushing outward which looked odd. Commander Morris picked up her phone and began recording the cloud then looked at her feet in the sand to make sure the camera would adjust this time on its own with no glitches. That was the last she saw in this world or at least from this real point of view inside the cell phone. She was taken up again.

Taken up is what she called visiting her cosmos family which was passing through this level of reality or what was known as her own earthly existence.

Commander Morris was called up by a spacecraft not of earth origin.  Exactly what was wanted of her this time? She was taken and put into a high back chair which conformed to her shape immediately within just a few seconds or, so it seemed in her own consciousness.

This was the first time in a long time since she had lost her spouse and fellow Commander Thomas R. Morris.

She had been visited in her lucid dreams as was a continual process of being human and a form of what was called a Walk-In on earth by many. She just considered herself a hybrid of the universal order of the higher strangeness of the humanoid sentient intelligent being kind. She had learned to live a way that not many people did or at least did not share it with others in the open talks of what was termed normal conversation of earthlings.

Her inner talk to herself she called herself Tara of Sothis as an Avatar Oracle Master of the Ascension Age. This she knew well as a type of historian throughout the time of souls. Souls were co-created by those in the seventh heaven apparently below the all mighty source or



She could feel she was not back in the higher heavens where she had been prior. She had died on occasions and they were too numerous to account for in this lifetime. But some stuck to the conscious of her soul when she entered this time. Having memories of past lives was a common occurrence for the travelers. Those who could come and go in a karmic cycle returned for one reason or another to grow their own cycle of the soul for knowing and learning how to ascend higher until wanting to return to the whole expanse that was forever eternal. This place where she was now in her reality was simply aboard a spacecraft that was traveling in-between galaxies.

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Web syndication is a form of syndication in which content is made available from one website to other sites. Most commonly, websites are made available to provide either summaries or full renditions of a website’s recently added content. The term may also describe other kinds of content licensing for reuse.


Web syndication involves a website providing content to an arbitrary number of subscribing websites that redistribute it. For the subscribing sites, syndication is an effective way of adding greater depth and immediacy of information to their pages, making them more attractive to users. For the providing site, syndication increases exposure. This generates new traffic for the providing site—making syndication an easy and relatively cheap, or even free, form of advertisement.

Content syndication has becomes an effective strategy for link building, as search engine optimization has become an increasingly important topic among website owners and online marketers. Links embedded within the syndicated content are typically optimized around anchor terms that will point an optimized[clarification needed] link back to the website that the content author is trying to promote. These links tell the algorithms of the search engines that the website being linked to is an authority for the keyword that is being used as the anchor text. However the recent rollout of Google Panda‘s algorithm may not reflect this authority in its SERP rankings based on quality scores generated by the sites linking to the authority.

The prevalence of web syndication is also of note to online marketers, since web surfers are becoming increasingly wary of providing personal information for marketing materials (such as signing up for a newsletter) and expect the ability to subscribe to a feed instead. Although the format could be anything transported over HTTP, such as HTML or JavaScript, it is more commonly XMLWeb syndication formats include RSS and Atom.[1]


Main article: History of web syndication technology

Syndication first arose in earlier media such as printradio, and television, allowing content creators to reach a wider audience. In the case of radio, the United States Federal government proposed a syndicate in 1924 so that the country’s executives could quickly and efficiently reach the entire population.[2] In the case of television, it is often said that “Syndication is where the real money is.”[3]Additionally, syndication accounts for the bulk of TV programming.[4]

One predecessor of web syndication is the Meta Content Framework (MCF), developed in 1996 by Ramanathan V. Guha and others in Apple Computer‘s Advanced Technology Group.[5]

Today, millions of online publishers, including newspapers, commercial websites, and blogs, distribute their news headlines, product offers, and blog postings in news feeds.

As a commercial model

Conventional syndication businesses such as Reuters and Associated Press thrive on the internet by offering their content to media partners on a subscription basis,[6] using business models established in earlier media forms.

Commercial web syndication can be categorized in three ways:

by business models

by types of content

by methods for selecting distribution partners

Commercial web syndication involves partnerships between content producers and distribution outlets. There are different structures of partnership agreements. One such structure is licensing content, in which distribution partners pay a fee to the content creators for the right to publish the content. Another structure is ad-supported content, in which publishers share revenues derived from advertising on syndicated content with that content’s producer. A third structure is free, or barter syndication, in which no currency changes hands between publishers and content producers. This requires the content producers to generate revenue from another source, such as embedded advertising or subscriptions. Alternatively, they could distribute content without remuneration. Typically, those who create and distribute content free are promotional entities, vanity publishers, or government entities.

Types of content syndicated include RSS or Atom Feeds and full content. With RSS feeds, headlines, summaries, and sometimes a modified version of the original full content is displayed on users’ feed readers. With full content, the entire content—which might be text, audio, video, applications/widgets or user-generated content—appears unaltered on the publisher’s site.

There are two methods for selecting distribution partners. The content creator can hand-pick syndication partners based on specific criteria, such as the size or quality of their audiences. Alternatively, the content creator can allow publisher sites or users to opt into carrying the content through an automated system. Some of these automated “content marketplace” systems involve careful screening of potential publishers by the content creator to ensure that the material does not end up in an inappropriate environment.

Just as syndication is a source of profit for TV producers and radio producers, it also functions to maximize profit for Internet content producers. As the Internet has increased in size[7] it has become increasingly difficult for content producers to aggregate a sufficiently large audience to support the creation of high-quality content. Syndication enables content creators to amortize the cost of producing content by licensing it across multiple publishers or by maximizing distribution of advertising-supported content. A potential drawback for content creators, however, is that they can lose control over the presentation of their content when they syndicate it to other parties.

Distribution partners benefit by receiving content either at a discounted price, or free. One potential drawback for publishers, however, is that because the content is duplicated at other publisher sites, they cannot have an “exclusive” on the content.

For users, the fact that syndication enables the production and maintenance of content allows them to find and consume content on the Internet. One potential drawback for them is that they may run into duplicate content, which could be an annoyance.


See also: E-commerce

Web syndication has been used to distribute product content such as feature descriptions, images, and specifications. As manufacturers are regarded as authorities and most sales are not achieved on manufacturer Web sites, manufacturers allow retailers or dealers to publish the information on their sites. Through syndication, manufacturers may pass relevant information to channel partners.[8] Such web syndication has been shown to increase sales.[9]

Web syndication has also been found effective as a search engine optimization technique.[10]


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